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Following well-established standards to ensure longevity and flexibility for all projects since 2012.
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WordPress, Development & Accessibility

From creating WordPress themes to custom front-end UI design and implementation; we bring over 20 years of experience in Web/application development to our clients. Like the Web, our skill-set is constantly changing to adapt to new technologies and methodologies in delivering results.


  • Plugins: Not sure what plugin to use? We can help.
  • Site/domain migrations: We can help you migrate your site to a new hosting provider.
  • Theme customization: Add new feature to your theme.
  • Training: Learn how to properly use WordPress and its features.
  • Troubleshooting & Support: Find out why your theme/plugin is not functioning as expected.


PHP: 20 years of experience with various frameworks and application architecture.

Python: 2+ years of experience with Django 3.x

Javascript: 2-5+ years of Angular, jQuery experience

Accessibility & AODA compliance

  • Website content Audit: Help identify publicly accessible documents that should be tested for accessibility.
  • Testing: WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA testing report of every public page on your site
  • Remediation: Help fix common issues
  • Training and Governance: Make sure your staff is aware of the WCAG standards and help stay AODA compliant.

Domain Hosting & Security

Out fully managed L[AE]MP Linux servers are always up-to-date with the latest security patches, hosting high-demanding applications with the best in class CPUs and SSDs. We can also provide custom, highly-available server farms for 99.99% up-time.

Dedicated Hosting: Starts at CA$125/month

  • Performance: 2 dedicated CPUs, 8GB RAM, 4TB transfer
  • Applications: $5/application with unlimited domains.
  • Storage: 25GB SSD with option to extend at any time.
  • Caching: Application agnostic high-performance Proxy Caching
  • Free SSL certificates: Let’s Encrypt generated certificates automatically deployed and updated for your sites.
  • Web Application Firewall: Malicious traffic to private services is blocked.
  • PHP 8.x: The latest PHP versions and all updates are available the moment they’re released.
  • sFTP/SSH: Access your files and web-root from anywhere.
  • Managed Server: Security and updates are applied as needed
  • ShortPixel Image Optimization and CDN delivery
  • WordPress Backups: Off-site 250GB storage with customized backup schedule and retention policy
  • Server Backups: Weekly with a 4 week retention policy
  • Expand: Need more Ram, CPU cores, storage? No problem.


  • Registering/transferring domains
  • DNS Management
  • E-mail: Account setup and troubleshooting


  • WordPress: Without proper security measures, every WordPress site is vulnerable.
  • Cleanup: Hacked site, we can help clean it up.
  • Application: Block malicious requests with a firewall before they reach your application.
  • Notifications: Receive daily reports


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